Subdivide land yourself to sell your property at its true value.

Cut out the middleman to avoid the common mistake of selling land at a wholesale price so you can maximize your profit.

land in greater charlotte, nc ready to be subdivided

Cut out the middleman and put the profit in your pocket.

Unfortunately, most property owners sell to a builder who buys their land wholesale and then turns around and subdivides the property to make a profit. We believe that profit should go into your pocket, not theirs.

Whether you own a large area of undeveloped land or a section of land on an existing property—our professional real estate agents can help you maximize your profit by subdividing the land into individual lots before selling. We’ll work with you to:

  • Evaluate the best way to subdivide land
  • Get approvals from county & city officials
  • Market your property
  • Sell to builders or buyers
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We’ve made our clients millions of dollars by cutting out the middleman, it’s your turn.

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