Whitlock Builders Joins Jonathan Roberts Realty's Charlotte-Matthews Utility Fund

Local Companies Help with Utility Bills

Charlotte-Matthews NC, January 29, 2024

Inflation and job losses have caused many families in our community to hit hard times. For many, credit card balances are going up and bank deposits are declining.

Several local businesses with offices in Charlotte and Matthews North Carolina decided to do something about it.

“We started with just a couple companies, and now we have close to fifteen this year,” said Jonathan Roberts who owns a local residential real estate firm. They started the effort to provide a helping hand to local families who were struggling.

“For me, the initial thought came when I was talking to my daughter about the rising cost of living in the Charlotte market,” said Roberts. “It’s hard enough to pay rents and mortgages, and then add on the rising cost of utilities. We find that many of our real estate clients have equity lines of credit and the interest payments on those lines of credit has skyrocketed over the last ten months. We had to take action. Yes, it looks like rates will finally come down, but the cost of heating a home is rising, not falling.”

Roberts partnered with Amy Carr, the executive director of the Matthews Free Medical Clinic on Trade Street in downtown Matthews, NC.

“This is such a wonderful idea and is so needed,” says Carr.

In March 2024, the area businesses will hand deliver the check to the Matthews Free Medical Clinic. The Clinic will distribute the funds direct to the utility companies to pay the back due bills for these families.

“So there is still time to join our community cause," said Jonathan Roberts. While this is organized by local businesses, many clients have asked how they can help. "Just call me if you'd like to give to bring a smile to a family this year. I can speak from experience. When a family starts to drown in medical bills, the contagion spreads and then you’re faced with not knowing how to keep the refrigerator full and the electricity on,” Roberts said. “We simply want to help people that own a home but are having trouble making ends meet. These are our neighbors and friends. They just need a little helping hand up.”

The businesses will help up to three families that own their home and are struggling to pay their utility bills.

"Whitlock Builders is a huge partner in this," said Roberts. "And I was blown away by their gift this year. It's humbling, and it makes me feel really good to see so many businesses take tangible action to give back to our community." So far, participating businesses are Jonathan Roberts Realty, Greenfrog Waterproofing, Whitlock Builders, Elite Physical Therapy, Hunter and Chandler Law Group, Grattan Pest Solutions, Veritas Construction Services, Charlotte Heating and Air Conditioning, Shingles Roof Direct, Safeguard Insurance Advisors, and Comfort Footworks.

"I hope local residents in Charlotte and the Matthews area will take note of these companies and call them when they need a vendor," Roberts said. "Its companies like these that you know you can trust to handle your needs. These companies care. They don't have to give in such a big way, but you know, they do it because it's the right thing to do. We see people in need, and we do something about it constructively. Really glad to have a partner in this like the Matthews Free Medical Clinic to responsibly coordinate the actual giving."

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